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The best affair that happened to my Android later it got rootage access was the Xposed framework. For those of yous who are non certain what Xposed module is , it’s the powerfulness to brand organization grade changes to the rooted Android without installing custom ROM. So that agency , yous tin plow over the axe instruct all the awesome features from dissimilar ROMs to your electrical flow device using the Xposed modules.

So , basically if yous receive got a rooted Android telephone , yous tin plow over the axe become ahead and install the Xposed framework on it simply similar whatsoever other APK file. Right at in 1 lawsuit , the stable releases of Xposed are solely available till Android 4.4 KitKat. But organization grade flashing is available for Lollipop users. After yous install the APK , yous tin plow over the axe opened upwardly the app in addition to install the framework on the device in addition to reboot it. Hereafter , yous tin plow over the axe opened upwardly the Xposed app in addition to install the perse Xposed modules straight equally organization files in addition to convey awesome features to your mobile.

1. Tinted Status Bar

Its my favorite module e’er , this modernistic doesn’t concord whatsoever functional characteristic which volition ease your productivity. But volition plow over your telephone a sleek in addition to elegant finish. You mightiness live on aware how Lollipop ROMs alter the color of the condition bar when whatsoever app is opened in addition to the same tint is applied to agree the color system of the app. Well this app volition implement the same characteristic to the KitKat ROMS.


2. App Settings

App Settings is a pretty interesting app using which yous tin plow over the axe gear upwardly generic settings on a per app basis. By generic settings I hateful similar rotation of covert , brightness , media mass , etc. There’s a whole bunch of settings yous tin plow over the axe confine for an app in addition to they volition solely live on applied when yous genuinely launch the app.


3. Gravity Box All-in-one tweak box

Finally I saved the best for the concluding , the Gravity Box Xposed Module. The features of the module are countless , but if I were to explicate inward unproblematic damage , all I tin plow over the axe tell that the module packs awesomeness of all the pop custom ROMs nosotros receive got for android in addition to allow whatsoever Android user apply in addition to utilisation it.

Expanded Desktop , Statusbar , QuickSettings , Lockscreen rotation , Hardware primal actions. You advert it in addition to yous tin plow over the axe command the settings from this module. So endeavour it out in addition to encounter for existent what all yous tin plow over the axe genuinely produce alongside your Android.

Compatible: Android 4.2 JellyBean to 5.0 Lollipop.


4. Physical Button Music Control

The solely argue this detail modules holds the inaugural off identify is the listing is simply because I am a music lover. This Xposed module is a bliss for users who receive got a difficult fourth dimension shuffling the tracks on the Android spell commuting. Now alongside Physical Button Music Control yous tin plow over the axe command your music alongside most whatsoever hardware push clitoris yous receive got on the phone. Play the side past times side rail , skip thirty seconds inward a music in addition to much more.


5. Network Speed Indicator

We got apps similar Speed Test in addition to Sensorly to exam the speed of our Wi-Fi in addition to 3G/4G network nosotros are connected to. But these apps solely render the information when asked for manually. If yous would similar to live on aware of the download in addition to upload speed yous are getting on your Android inward real-time , yous tin plow over the axe endeavour the Xposed module Network Speed Indicator.


6. BootManager

This module for Android is similar the Startup Manager or MSConfig nosotros receive got for Windows. Using the app , yous tin plow over the axe disable the app to start automatically every fourth dimension yous kicking your device. Just install the Xposed module in addition to tap on the apps yous want to exclude. The app volition score these apps equally cherry in addition to side past times side fourth dimension yous kicking the telephone , they volition non live on executed.


7. Advanced Power Menu

Advanced Power Menu is a real useful Xposed modules if yous demand to kicking inward recovery in addition to bootloader chip to a greater extent than frequently. Makes it slow for frequent ROM flashers to piece of employment alongside Android recovery in addition to bootloader. The detail modules adds advanced reboot options (reboot , soft reboot in addition to reboot to recovery) in addition to screenshot selection to your powerfulness menu. It industrial plant on both AOSP in addition to Xperia devices.


8. Power Nap

The module replicated the Xperia similar Stamina Mode on whatsoever Android device. As a Xperia user myself , I tin plow over the axe vouch for the fact that at that spot is no amend battery saver than the Xperia Stamina mode. The best affair is , fifty-fifty though the app disables the information in addition to Wi-Fi connectedness , 1 tin plow over the axe white listing apps so that an of import notification is never missed.


9. XPrivacy

Have yous e’er skipped to install an app from the Play Store simply because they inquire for also many permissions? Well if yous receive got , XPrivacy is a perfect Xposed module for you. The app feeds mistaken information or no information at all , thence safeguarding your privacy. For representative , it yous confine an app to read your contacts , so a listing of empty contacts volition live on sent to your phone. In the same way if yous confine place , that mistaken place volition live on sent to the phone.


10. Native Clipboard

Unlimited clipboard retention on your Android… Yes!! That’s what Native Clipboard brings to your Android. The app is real unproblematic in addition to receive got a banker’s complaint of whatever yous re-create on your Android clipboard. When yous glue them , the app shows yous all the clips in addition to pinned notes in addition to yous tin plow over the axe conduct from them in addition to glue the desired text.


Note:- So , these were or so of the Xposed modules yous tin plow over the axe install on your Android in addition to instruct started alongside the awesome journeying of tweaking your Android smartphone in addition to making it fifty-fifty to a greater extent than awesome. These 10 are simply the outset , there’s a whole bunch of awesome modules waiting for you.