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[Educational Purposes Only]


Hi !You tin produce many cool things amongst your android phone. But you lot mightiness non know that your android telephone is much to a greater extent than capable of doing heavy things. Do you lot know that you lot tin disable other people’s Wi-Fi meshwork connections on the same network? This tin travel done amongst an app called WiFiKill.


1. In lodge to install this app , you lot require to origin your phone. This app volition travel alone on rooted devices.

2. This post service is alone for educational purpose. This app tin travel real unsafe inward incorrect hands. It should non travel used at populace networks to annoy people. However , you lot tin utilisation it to play pranks amongst your friends similar I used to do. Also if you lot ain the Wi-Fi network , this app tin travel used to command the devices on your ain network. Again , produce non misuse this app every bit you lot concur the ability of disconnecting whatever device from the Wi-Fi Network to which you lot telephone is connected. All the devices tin lost their Internet connectivity amongst 1 click on your phone.

How to Hack Wifi Network :- 

1. As this app tin travel misused inward many ways as well as tin travel potential threat to populace Wi-Fi connections , it has been removed from android market. But you lot tin download it from the link provided below. 

Wifi Kill.apk

2. Install it afterward downloading. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your telephone as well as opened upwards the app.

3. When opened , press the play button on the exceed as well as the app volition outset searching for the devices which are currently connected to the Wireless Internet network. Allow Super user permissions when prompted.

4.  When scan completed , the app volition demo all the devices connected to the hotspot.If you lot enabl Show Network Names in the preferences , it volition also demo the devices names.

5. Click 1 device as well as slide the grab button .Once grabbed you tin encounter the network usage as well as websites that are beingness accessed past times it.

6. In lodge to disable the Internet access of grabbed device , only Slide the kill button as well as the device volition lost the meshwork connectivity.

7. You tin also kill all the devices at same fourth dimension by grabbing them all as well as and therefore killing them. You tin alone kill afterward you lot have grabbed a device. Grabbing the device volition demo you lot the bandwidth consumption as well as websites accessed past times device. The device volition lost the meshwork connectivity when you lot Choose to kill it.

8. When you lot are done amongst playing amongst your friends , only switch off the kill button as well as the devices volition find their Internet connectivity. Also halt the WifiKill past times using the same push you lot used to outset it.

9. BINGO ! 😀

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