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When someone takes a screenshot of an Instagram Story , the user may move notified. Instagram is also bringing inwards a novel department inwards the Story views department which lists the people who took a screenshot of the story. They’ll move marked alongside a little-dotted circle adjacent to their name.

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This characteristic is yet around other borrowed from Snapchat , whose roots every bit a self-destructing message app necessitated such measures. Instagram Stories were made based on that concept , thence it stands to argue that they’d desire to elevator this especial characteristic , too.

1. Use Airplane Mode

This is the oldest fob inwards the majority (one that Snapchat users are familiar with). While Snapchat has at nowadays blocked this method , it nevertheless industrial plant on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app in addition to expect for the Story to load.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode. This volition plow off cellular information , Wi-Fi , Bluetooth in addition to disconnect all wireless devices. On iOS , you lot tin reach the axe practise this using the Control Center. On Android , you lot tin reach the axe practise it from your notification toggles or from the Settings app.
  3. Go dorsum to the Instagram app , tap on the Story that you lot desire , in addition to conduct maintain a screenshot.
  4. Wait for a piece in addition to and thence disable Airplane mode. For proficient stair out , strength quit the Instagram app earlier you lot practise so. 

2. Use the Instagram Website

For years , Instagram fought the notion of a website. But at nowadays , it has a fully performance website where you lot tin reach the axe thought your feed , postal service photos , in addition to fifty-fifty thought Instagram Stories. The alone major characteristic that’s missing is Direct Messaging.

The website , inwards fact , is thence proficient that I’m using it every bit a replacement for the Instagram app. It’s helping alongside my social media diet piece making it slow for me to dip into my Instagram feed in i trial inwards a while.

Instagram Safari Website

The Instagram website industrial plant peachy on mobile every bit good every bit desktop. And every bit you’re using the Instagram within a spider web browser , Instagram can’t say when you’ve taken a screenshot.

Navigate to , login in addition to opened upwards the Instagram Story. If you’re on the desktop , you’ll discovery Instagram Stories on the correct border of the screen.

After opening the Instagram Story , conduct maintain a screenshot similar you lot unremarkably would—minus the worry!

3. Use the Chrome IG Story Browser Extension

Chrome IG Story is Chrome extension that brings a supercharged Instagram Story viewing sense to your PC or Mac. Once you’ve installed the extension , you’ll run into a novel Chrome IG Story department at the transcend of your feed.

Chrome IG Story Chrome Extension
By default , the extension enables a privacy means thence the user won’t know that you’ve seen their story. Right-click on a user’s profile to larn to the Download icon. This volition right away download all of their available stories inwards a zip file (including videos). When you’re viewing the flush , you lot tin reach the axe right-click in addition to salve the icon every bit well.
Download: Chrome IG Story for Chrome (Free)

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4. Use Story Saver for Instagram on Android

Once you’ve logged inwards , Story Saver for Instagram volition present you lot your Instagram Stories feed inwards a list. Tap on a user in addition to you’ll run into a grid of their stories. Tap on a thumbnail in addition to you’ll run into 3 options: Repost , Save , in addition to Share. Tap on Save in addition to the icon or video volition move saved to your Gallery.

Download: Story Saver for Instagram for Android (Free)

5. Use the Repost App on iOS

There are a yoke of third-party Instagram Story apps on iOS which allow you lot salve Instagram Stories to your Camera Roll. One of the best I’ve constitute is an app called Repost.

Once you’ve signed inwards alongside your Instagram concern human relationship , you’ll run into a UI similar to the Instagram app. Tap on the user from the transcend to run into all of their Stories. Tap on a Story to thought it , in addition to and thence from the 3 dotted carte du jour push clitoris , select the Save option. The photograph or video volition move saved to your Camera Roll.

Download: Repost for iOS (Free)