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Welcome dorsum , Today We volition survive discussing near How you lot tin Access your pc’s Media files on your Android easily , Probably its the easiest agency to sentry whatever Movie or sound on your android without re-create past times of Media files. The best business office of this app is It supports all version of android whether its rooted or non-rooted . Yes , You necessitate a wifi enabled pc or laptop for this . If you lot are using Desktop pc too don’t receive got a wifi adapter , you lot tin purchase it from Amazon , it volition toll to a greater extent than or less 200 Inr Only
We volition survive using an app ” BS PLAYER ” ( Read total postal service , at that topographic point is the link for this app )
This is a uncomplicated too slow setup that volition permit you lot to access all current able content from your PC , too saves you lot the problem of having to re-create content over. BS Player is naively capable of playing avi , px , flv , mkv , mov , mpg , mts , mp4 , m4v , rmvb , wmv , 3gp , mp3 , flac.

Configure Your Computer For accessing files from Your Android

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network too Internet > Network too Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • Depending on how your PC is setup , you lot may non come across “Network too Internet”. The bottom business is that from the command panel , you lot necessitate to access Network too Sharing centre , too thence Advanced Sharing.
  • Alternatively , click Windows Start push > inward bottom search box type “advanced sharing” > pick out “Manage Advanced Sharing Settings”.

    2. You should too thence come across a enshroud every bit shown below. Select “Turn on network discovery” too “Turn on file too printer sharing”

   3. Make banker’s complaint of your user refer too password on the PC you’ll survive streaming video from. This is the same every bit what you lot would commonly role to login to your PC.

       Connect your PC too Android cellphone to the same WiFi network

Download too Installation of The App On Your Android 

  • First Of All Download the BS Player From PLAY STORE 
  • Open BS Player on your Android phone
  • In the upper left you lot volition come across “Library”. Tap it too pick out “LAN”
  • Tap “Tap to add together server”
  • You volition come across it laid out to scan the WiFi network you lot are connected to. As presently every bit the IP of your PC comes upward , tap the dorsum push every bit it doesn’t necessitate to search farther i time it’s constitute it.       

  1. On occasion , it may accept to a greater extent than than i endeavour for BS Player to             successfully abide by your PC. If it doesn’t abide by it , tap “Tap to add together         server” again. If it doesn’t abide by it afterwards several tries , at that topographic point is a           manual selection every bit well. Tap inward the upper correct manus corner where       you lot come across three dots > pick out “Add server” too locomote inward your computer’s       IP , user refer too password. (How to abide by my computer’s IP?)

 2.  NOTE: If your PC changes IP inward the futurity , for representative if you lot         reset your router or disconnect too reconnect the PC to your             router , you lot volition receive got to larn through the scanning procedure again.

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  • After the PC has successfully been constitute past times BS Player , tap the network address of the PC you’d similar to access too upward volition popular a box for you lot to locomote inward your user refer too password. After entering this information , tap “Save”.
  • You should at i time survive logged inward to your figurer through your Android device amongst BS Player. Navigate to the produce / folder / video you lot would similar to play.

  • One of the awesome features of BS Player is the might to search for subtitles online. It should automatically search for them i time you lot laid out playing the video. If it doesn’t , opened upward the bill of fare via the three dots inward the upper-right corner , or tap the bill of fare push too pick out “Subtitles” > “Check for subtitles online”.

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  1. NOTE: If you lot receive got subs already downloaded prior to using Android BS Player , brand certain they are inward the same directory every bit the video. If the subs are inward a sub-directory underneath the directory the video is inward , it won’t abide by them.

Final Words :-

According to me , its the best too slow agency to sentry Movies on Android if stored on PC’s Hard Disk . I Hope you lot similar it , Give a thumbs upward on our FB FAN PAGE and follow us on TWITTER .

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