How To Upgrade Asus Zenfone Iv (T001) Kitkat To Lollipop

How to upgrade the firmware android 5.0 zenfone lollipop four (T00I) serial A400CG in addition to A400CXG – Lollipop Android 5.0 for zenfone four has been released since the middle of the calendar month of May 2015.Which firmware android lollipop for zenfone four has a version V7.3.3. Version firmware tin hold upwards used to upgrade firmware zenfone four (A400CG in addition to A400CXG) from KitKat to Lollipop. For Asus Zenfone four users who desire to update the latest firmware V7.3.3 (lollipop android 5.0). Please follow next tutorial.

Warning, Read kickoff earlier upgrading lollipop V7.3.3 on Asus Zenfone four A400CG in addition to A400CGX:

  • There are merely about applications that volition hold upwards removed afterwards the upgrade procedure android lollipop 5.0 completed, namely battery widget, google text to speech, motion-picture demo studio.
  • There volition hold upwards applications (apps) newly added to the upgraded organisation is, amid others, tripadvisor, gameloft, cleanmaster, Zinio, ASUS Auto start service manager, in addition to back upwards asus (asus support).
  • There are merely about changes inward the features of this organisation upgrade process, namely:
    -Lockscreen: standalone take wallpaper in addition to weather
    -Dialer / Contacts: reducing the break of tabs from five to iii in addition to take the bring upwards / grouping photos tab
    -Incall screen: incall take the animation in addition to cover
    -Changes inward the layout (layout) inward quick setting (quick settings) in addition to Recent app
  • Perform information backup earlier performing the upgrade procedure to lollipop

How to Upgrade Asus Zenfone four (T00I) A400CG in addition to A400CXG KitKat to Lollipop 5.0

  1. Make certain Firmware ZenFone four (T00I) serie A400CG / A400CXG has been updated to version V6.6.3 earlier upgrading to version V7.3.3. To sentiment the version: Settings => About => software information => Build number.
  2. If ZenFone four does non convey FOTA, y’all tin download the firmware / OTA file version V6.6.3 in addition to V7.3.3 version on the official website asus or Download. [Download]
  3. Move the V6.6.3 firmware to the rootage directory zenfone 4. Then update to version V6.6.3 zenfone four first.
  4. After zenfone four y’all updated to version V6.63. Move the firmware version V7.3.3 to the rootage directory zenfone 4. Then produce the update to version V7.3.3.