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According to the dominion , it is impossible to work organisation human relationship on Facebook without name. But if y’all wish to brand your Facebook profile amongst start lift without using my lift therefore but follow the steps.

Image effect for Single lift on fb trick

Here’s footstep to how to i lift inward facebook using mobile version:

1.Visit mobile version of facebook via

2.Log inward to your facebook work organisation human relationship together with take in linguistic communication page.

3.Now direct tamil linguistic communication from the given languages.

4.After selecting Tamil linguistic communication to take in the work organisation human relationship setting page.

5.Now take your concluding lift together with click on bluish push if y’all don’t empathise Tamil.

6.Now larn into your password together with over again click on bluish button.
That’s it right away y’all accept created a facebook work organisation human relationship amongst a unmarried name. right away over again larn to linguistic communication page direct English linguistic communication language.

Facebook One Word Name Trick on PC amongst VPN

After a visitor advised me to add together around other flim-flam to brand unmarried or one-word profile lift on the Facebook account.

So follow the steps below without whatsoever hesitation (Facebook One Word Name Trick industrial plant 100% sure):

Step 1: At start , You require to opened upwardly Google Chrome browser from your PC/Computer/Laptop/Mac. (Don’t accept Chrome , Download it).

Step 2: Then add together ‘GeoProxy‘ to Chrome extension list. Here is the link GeoProxy ,

Step 3: After adding this extension , a sky-blue ikon volition seem on extension bar , it agency extension is added. Now direct ‘Indonesia‘ together with direct whatsoever of them.

Step 4: Go to your Facebook linguistic communication settings together with click Edit pick therefore volition seem Language Settings Options tab direct ‘Bahasa Indonesia‘ than relieve it.

Facebook Language Settings - FB One Word Name Trick on PC amongst VPN

Now y’all accept everything inward Indonesian Bahasa on your Facebook , which was actually confusing for me. For your convenience , I write the remaining steps inward this language.

Step 5: Go to ‘Umum’ >> “Nama” department together with click on Edit

Step 6: Fill inward the start box on iii boxes amongst your desired lift together with exit other blanks. Then click on “Tinjau Perubahan” but below these boxes. Done , y’all larn your desired name.

Step 7: Now it’s fourth dimension to larn dorsum on your desired linguistic communication , but past times clicking ‘Bahasa‘ (just follow footstep 4) , therefore click ‘Simpan Perubahan‘.
We promise y’all liked our guide on how to practise a unmarried lift facebook work organisation human relationship without using proxy or whatsoever software. If y’all bargain amongst whatsoever problems amongst this flim-flam does non hesitate to portion your comments. I’m happy to help.