How To Rootage Xiaomi Mi4c As Well As Install Twrp Recovery

How To Root Xiaomi Mi4c And Install TWRP Recovery – The latest tidings comes from 1 of the rulers that Xiaomi smartphone industry. Android smartphone that the companionship succeeded inward displacing Samsung too Apple inward PRC is reportedly cook to loose a novel device titled Xiaomi Mi 4c. Leaked specs, Xiaomi Mi 4c revealed through data released from Chinese telecom certification trunk (Tenna) showing the actual pattern of Mi 4c. According to our data reports, Xiaomi Mi 4c Android vociferation upward volition hold upward powered past times Snapdragon processor 808 that had previously been tried too tested character on the LG G4. Well only volition part how origin Xiaomi mi4c below.

The latest tidings comes from 1 of the rulers that Xiaomi smartphone manufacture How To Root Xiaomi Mi4c And Install TWRP Recovery

Preparing tools:

  • Your vociferation upward must bring 50% -60% battery
  • Download Xiaomi USB drivers [Download]
  • Download Mi4c-root-tool , TWRP and ADB too Fastboot  [Download]
  • Download [Download]

How To Root Xiaomi Mi4c:

  1. Install Xiaomi USB drivers on your computer
  2. extract Mi4c-root-tool containing TWRP too ADB too Fastboot on your computer
  3. too transfer to your Internal Storage vociferation upward  (excluding folders only)
  4. Enable USB Debugging mode, larn to Settings> About Phone> MIUI version / Build unwrap (click to vii times) too thence dorsum to Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging (tick to enable)
  5. Then kicking into Fastboot mode, how to press too concur the Volume Down too Power push clit simultaneously to operate into Fastboot mode
  6. Now, connect Xiaomi Mi4C to your calculator using a USB cable (make certain your Xiaomi are actually connected to the calculator too the USB driver is installed correctly)
  7. On your computer, larn to the folder Mi4c-root-tool, thence press the “Shift” fundamental too Right Click, thence choose “Open command_window here” 

  8. Once the Command Prompt window appears, type the ascendence fastboot flash recovery recovery.img too press ENTER

  9. After TWRP successfully installed ,type the ascendence fastboot reboot  

  10. Now, larn into recovery mode, how to press too concur the Volume Up too Power push clit simultaneously (make certain your vociferation upward is turned off to larn into recovery mode)

  11. Once yous larn into TWRP recovey Mode, directly choose Install, navigate to too choose file inward Internal Storage

  12. If at that spot Swipe to comfirm Flash did (from left to right)

  13. After the flashing is complete, thence choose Reboot System

  14. Now, yous volition discovery SuperSU icon inward your app menu. 

  15. Optional: If yous desire to verify whether your Xiaomi Already Rooted or not, yous tin install applications Root Checker