How To Rootage Together With Install Twrp Recovery Lenovo A6000 Lollipop

How to Root in addition to Install TWRP Recovery Lenovo A6000 Lollipop Share Full tutorial how to easily Rooting in addition to tide, flash, install TWRP / CWM Recovery Lenovo A6000 Android Lollipop without a PC. This method had previously been my exam on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

Preparing tools:

How to Root Lenovo A6000 Lollipop:

  1. Make certain the Internet information on in addition to stable
  2. Install in addition to opened upward KingRoot apk, thence scroll to the top
  3. Click – Try it in addition to click Try To Root / Star Root
  4. After success, dorsum to dwelling trouble solid covert in addition to reboot your device
  5. Then opened upward SuperSU-Me apk (do non plough information / internet)
  6. Click – bluish icon inwards the oculus in addition to await for the procedure completed
  7. Next volition come upward the notification of SuperSU to update binary
  8. Click – Normal in addition to Reboot your device
  9. Now that access has been cleaned in addition to changed Kingroot SuperSU for amend beginning access in addition to minimize failure when Unroot

Create a buddy who nonetheless role Kingroot delight download in addition to run

to supervene upon KingRoot alongside SuperSU

How to install Twrp Lenovo A6000 Lollipop:

  1. To install Twrp extract the zilch file you lot convey downloaded
  2. Copy / motion recovery.img to a sdcard exterior the folder
  3. Then flash using flashify.apk

Note: If afterward click reboot organisation of Twrp every bit good long hanging inwards bootlogo to a greater extent than than 3-5 minutes, delight force in addition to concur the ability push until the telephone is rebooted, and larn inwards a habit non to straight piece of employment the mobile telephone afterward the restart dd or afterward installing custom rom / restore rom / update, permit the indicate indicator stable / dd nigh homscreen.