How To Quick Together With Tardily Install Miui V6 Kitkat Inwards Redmi 1S

How to Quick together with tardily Install MIUI v6 KitKat inwards Redmi 1S – Roadmap Xiaomi which promises MIUI update to version half dozen was experiencing problems. Product, smartphone from China was incorrectly predicted fourth dimension that at get-go they made certain at the halt of 2014 some smartphone similar Redmi 1S together with Redmi Note will last acquired the allotment of updates to KitKat together with turns the hope of delayed until 2015. But placidity for this fourth dimension admin volition allot an choice How to install MIUI v6 KitKat inwards Redmi 1S through unofficial ROM / custom ROM. 

CAUTION! Custom ROM MIUI v6 KitKat to Redmi 1S is nevertheless inwards the evolution stage. Although basically well-nigh of the major features convey been able to move good for everyday, but at that topographic point are nevertheless many bugs that are ofttimes out.

How To Easily Install MIUI v6 KitKat inwards Redmi 1S:

  1. Make certain Xiaomi Redmi 1S yous are already inwards a terra firma of rooting.
  2. Make certain Xiaomi Redmi 1S you’ve installed a custom recovery (CWM / TWRP).
  3. Before starting the procedure of flashing MIUI v6, backup all information such equally contacts, sms, applications, calendar, etc.
  4. Download ROM MIUI_H2A_4.12.26_4.4_RC1
  5. Go into Recovery Mode. Turned off, press the book downward + power.
  6. Perform wipe data, cache, besides equally the Dalvik-cache
  7. Install ROM equally usual
  8. Repeat wipe data, cache together with Dalvik-cache
  9. Reboot

Note: To install Google Apps, Google Installer download from Mi Apps using the job organization human relationship yous Mi.