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The incognito agency for YouTube is alone available for Android smartphone users as well as thence far as well as there’s no information close it rolling out to iOS devices (iPhones as well as iPads). However , Google of late added a like characteristic that enables users to confine history tracking on its Gboard as well as Google apps for iOS devices.

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First , Updatie the YouTube app 

Steps to Use Incognito Mode inwards Youtube Are :

1. Open YouTube app from the launcher or the shortcut (if y’all bring made one).

2. Tap on the avatar picture from the overstep corner of the app.

3. Then , from the ‘Account’ department , tap on ‘Turn on Incognito’ to activate the incognito agency for YouTube.

In the Incognito agency , the avatar picture volition live on replaced past times a Black Incognito symbol as well as at that spot volition live on a Black bar at the bottom alongside a message ‘You’re incognito’.

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Once y’all bring gone incognito , y’all tin browse as well as picket whatever video y’all desire as well as the app volition no longer salve it inwards your search history