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One of the around annoying restrictions on YouTube for Android is that it automatically pauses the video you’re watching or listening to when you lot navigate to around other hide or opened upward around other app on your device. But at that spot are ways around this. Read on to detect out how to play YouTube inwards the background.

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1.Free solution

The easiest too around toll effective solution is to utilization the FireFox or Chrome browser rather than the YouTube app. This browser volition allow you lot to maintain to nous to the video of your pick amongst the hide off or piece doing something else on your device. 

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Make certain you lot asking the desktop site , or your telephone may automatically charge the YouTube app. 
If you lot detect the YouTube app opening automatically when you lot endeavor this , merely instruct to the three-dot card at the come about correct ,  too banking concern jibe the “Request desktop site” box.

2.YouTube Premium/YouTube Music Premium

One agency to play YouTube inwards the background is to buy a YouTube Premium subscription , which costs $11.99 per month. Or you lot could merely instruct a YouTube Music Premium delineate of piece of job organization human relationship for $9.99 if music is all that you’re interested in. 

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These services come upward amongst the characteristic called ‘Background Play’ which allows your video to play inwards the background when you lot opened upward dissimilar apps or plough the hide off. An added bonus of YouTube Premium is that it also removes those annoying ads. 

3.Use a bubble browser

Bubble browsers such every bit Flynx or Flyperlink are around other option. They float higher upward the user interface too tin live on minimized to a pocket-sized icon. In such a bubble , you lot access YouTube’s mobile website too start streaming. YouTube videos volition maintain to run fifty-fifty when the hide is turned off or your organization is running around other app.

With Brave , the ability saving manner must live on develop to “Off” root – otherwise the video volition halt amongst the default settings when you lot minimize the bubble or plough off the display.

brave flyperlink

Not every bubble browser is the same: Fast access to YouTube is non slow amongst Flynx , because the bubble browsers are optimized to collect links from Twitter clients , Facebook or other apps. Flyperlink allows you lot to come inwards a URL straight – there’s hardly anything standing inwards the agency of YouTube fun. The bubble browser solution has the wages that you lot tin also utilization other video services amongst it.

Flynx – Read the spider web smartly


Note: the ability saving manner must live on develop to “Off” root – otherwise the video volition halt amongst the default settings when you lot minimize the bubble or plough off the display.

4.Pop-up video apps

Another alternative for playing YouTube inwards the background is Awesome Pop-up Video Pro. Now , it doesn’t play YouTube inwards the background , every bit such , rather it plays them inwards a pocket-sized , movable pop-up window , which tin live on dragged to the side of the hide to accomplish a like effect. You tin download the app below.

Awesome Pop-up Video Pro

Please banking concern complaint that although this app allows you lot to play YouTube inwards the background , it won’t allow you lot play them amongst the hide off. The Mozilla Firefox alternative does.

With this app you’ll pay exclusively a few bucks every bit a i fourth dimension buy instead of a monthly payment for YouTube Premium. You won’t bring access to the bully features available from the monthly parcel bargain but it’s a inexpensive too quick agency to play YouTube videos inwards the background.

There are other pop-up video apps available , yet , such every bit Floating Tube too perse others which advertise this function. They all vary somewhat inwards await too portion , too nosotros haven’t had fourth dimension to endeavor them all. Let us know your favorites inwards the comments!

Floating Tube (Multitasking)

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