How To Changing Border Network To 3G / Hsdpa On Android

How to Changing EDGE network to 3G / HSDPA On Android – If y’all frequently complain of the Internet inwards your Android smartphone sense tiresome due to network / scream for e’er appears Edge / GSM together with y’all desire to alter the network to 3G / HSPDA on the your Android smartphone.

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At the this fourth dimension nosotros volition hand y’all tips together with tutorials how to alter the network on Android to 3G or HSDPA permanet basis. Actually agency setting android telephone network to 3G / HSDPA / 4G LTE is rattling easy, it’s simply business office of the android users may non know it.

If y’all produce your Android smartphone is equipped amongst 3G or HSDPA network but nevertheless running on EDGE, it agency y’all scream for a setup on the your mobile phone. If y’all are non inwards the way the setting, follow the slow steps below. Tutorial Changing EDGE network to 3G / HSDPA:

First way: 

  1. Entry settings carte on the your mobile phone.
  2. Select a carte “more settings”
  3. Then, choose the mobile network.
  4. Continue yesteryear selecting the “network mode”
  5. After appearing several options, choose the “WCDMA Only”
  6. click OK

Second way:

  1. Perform telephone / dial together with type * # * # 4636 # * # *
  2. After that volition opened upwardly carte “Testing”.
  3. Next choose the telephone information.
  4. Scroll down, together with at that spot is the choice ‘Set preferred network type’, choose ‘WCDMA Only “.

NB: Before performing the tutorial alter the EDGE network to 3G / HSDPA network coverage attain or brand certain your surface area is already supporting 3G or not. Thus How to Changing EDGE network to 3G / HSDPA on the android telephone y’all have.