How To Brand Dual Gsm Smartfren Andromax C3

How to Make Dual GSM Smartfren Andromax C3 – , For those of y’all who desire Smartfren Andromax C3 instruct dual GSM without bugs as well as therefore read the next tutorial. With Dual GSM is exclusively applicable to stock rom. Go encounter below:

How to Make Dual GSM Smartfren Andromax C How to Make Dual GSM Smartfren Andromax C3

Prepare Equipment:

How to Dual GSM Smartfren Andromax C3:

  1. Root Formerly Smartfren Andromax C3 (How To Root Andromax C3) and install RootXplor that bring been downloaded earlier.
  2. Enter the Patch GSM has been downloaded before inward the sdcard.
  3. Turn off your telephone as well as and therefore popular off into Recovery Mode (Do I press the push clit Power + Volume UP).
  4. Choose :
    -Install zip
    -Choose nil from / storage / sdcard0 as well as therefore pick out Patch file Gsm who downloaded earlier.
  5. If at that topographic point is a finally option:
    -Yes – Fix beginning (/ organisation / xbin / su)
  6. Select Yes – Fix beginning (/ organisation / xbin / su) for the HP / Phone remained Root
  7. Then opened upwards the application RootExplor (fox mountain R / westward live on mounted R / O)
    -Sign inward to folder organisation / vendor / China Telecom / organisation / app
    -Search CtRoamingSettings.apk
    -Move CtRoamingSettings.apk, to folder organisation / app
    -which CtRoamingSettings.odex unnecessarily live on moved
  8. Turn off the phone, plug the gsm card inward slot 1
  9. Turn on the HP Go to menu, honor the application Roaming Settings The SUB 1, pick out Manual Select Network as well as pick out GSM select, volition automatically await for a provider that is used

Note: When Sim 1 wants to popular off dorsum to CDMA staying follow later on no.8 automatic agency information networks volition deed to CDMA.