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Default fonts unremarkably acquire the labor done — that’s why they’re the default. Roboto on Android is great. It looks pleasant too is unremarkably a comfortable size. But , at that spot volition ever live on users who’d prefer to direct their ain fonts for Android. And at that spot volition ever live on those people who tinker amongst their Android device’s fonts but for the sheer pleasance of beingness able to.

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In this guide , larn how to alter fonts on Android. Two types of methods are discussed: i non needing origin , too the other requiring root. (For a visual guide too summary , cheque our video at the terminate of this post.)

No demand to root

1.Some phones already cause got it built in!

While stock Android lacks the mightiness to customize your organization font , enough of manufacturers cause got adapted their software to back upward this highly requested characteristic , allowing you lot to easily alter fonts for Android. These include of import companies similar Samsung , HTC , too LG.

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The procedure may alter depending on your specific handset , but you lot tin ship away ever respect this selection inwards the settings. It’s unremarkably nether the Display section. From at that spot you lot tin ship away alter the actual font , equally good equally the font size.

For example , to a greater extent than or less Samsung Android devices allow you lot alter the font style. Samsung has pre-installed a few extra fonts likewise the default , but you lot tin ship away acquire to a greater extent than online through the Google Play Store.

Putting on a novel font requires alone a quick trip to Settings — Display — Font Style. Just tap the refer of the font that you lot desire , too confirm that you lot desire to laid it equally organization font. Font replacement is instantaneous. No demand for rebooting. The selected font volition live on displayed throughout your device’s interface such equally the fourth dimension on the condition bar , organization menus , too fifty-fifty on your text messages.

2.Launchers are ever the answer

Is your manufacturer non opening the doors you lot demand opened? Don’t you lot worry. One non-root means to alter fonts for Android is through custom launcher apps. Some custom launchers integrate the font-changing portion , acre most others volition demand you lot to install themes.

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One reasonably well-known custom launcher that provides a means to alter fonts for Android is GO Launcher. To alter font styles inwards GO Launcher , create the following:

  1. Copy your TTF font files to the phone.
  2. Open GO Launcher.
  3. Find the Tools app too opened upward it.
  4. Tap on the Preferences icon.
  5. Scroll downwards to Personalization and select it.
  6. Tap on Font.
  7. Tap Select Font and tap on the font that you lot desire to use.


Changes volition apply immediately. No demand for rebooting. If you lot desire to a greater extent than fonts for role amongst GO Launcher EX , download too install GO Launcher Fonts.



The iFont app tin ship away also live on used for changing fonts for Android. It used to live on a chip express too alone worked on Samsung devices. This is nevertheless partly the example , but the developer at nowadays also supports Xiaomi Meizu , Huawei , HTC , Sony , too Motorola rooted handsets.

On non-rooted devices , role iFont’s Online tab to browse for available fonts. To role a font on the listing , create the following:

  1. Enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources.” This selection tin ship away unremarkably live on constitute in Settings — Security.
  2. Launch iFont. Go to the Online tab.
  3. Tap on a font refer that you lot desire to install.
  4. Tap the Download button.
  5. Tap the Set button. Or become to Settings — Display — Font Style. Your newly installed font should appear on the list.
  6. Tap on the novel font to role it equally organization font.
  7. Font is applied immediately. No reboot needed.


You tin ship away also re-create TrueType fonts (TTF) from your PC to the /sdcard/ifont/custom directory; the said fonts volition appear on the Custom tab. But , to live on able to install too role the fonts , you lot volition demand a rooted device. (For a guide on using this app on rooted devices , meet the iFont subsection nether “Methods requiring root.”)

iFont is complimentary too shows no ads. It worked quite good on the several devices (including non-Samsung phones) that I tested it on.


4.Font Installer

For rooted phones , Font In2staller is a neat complimentary app for changing fonts for Android. It has a built-in font preview characteristic , then acre scrolling upward too downwards the listing of built-in fonts , you lot know just how they await in i lawsuit activated on the device.


This is an ad-supported app. Ads appear at the bottom. Remove the ads past times purchasing a license.

To install a TTF font file that you’ve saved to your device:

  1. Copy to your device the TTF font file that you lot desire to role , preferably into the /sdcard directory.
  2. Launch Font Installer.
  3. Before tampering amongst your organization fonts , backup your existing default fonts first. Tap on the Menu(three dots) push too select Backup/Restore. Select Backup. If Superuser or SuperSU asks for permission , grant it.
  4. Tap on the Local tab to opened upward the directory explorer. Locate your TTF file.
  5. Tap on the TTF file that you lot desire to use. From the popup dialog , tap Install to laid it equally the default organization font. (If you lot desire to preview the font start , tap on Preview.)
  6. If Superuser or SuperSU asks for permission , grant it.
  7. Font Installer volition prompt you lot to reboot your device. Tap on Yes.


To install a novel font from Font Installer’s online font collection:

  1. Open the Server tab inwards the Font Installer app to meet the catalog of fonts.
  2. Tap on the refer of a font that you lot like.
  3. From the popup dialog , tap on Preview if you lot desire to meet sample text rendered inwards the chosen font; or , tap on Install if you lot desire to download the font too laid it equally your organization font.
  4. If a backup warning/notice appears , brand certain you lot allow the app backup your font files. This shouldn’t cause got a long time.
  5. Allow the app to reboot your device.


Unlike Font Installer , the iFont app tin ship away operate on most Samsung (and to a greater extent than or less other) devices fifty-fifty if they are non rooted. But , to live on able to expand your horizons using other handsets you volition demand origin access. (Yes , you lot tin ship away also role it on a rooted Samsung device.)

To download , install , too role a custom font using the Online tab:

  1. Tap on the font you lot desire to install.
  2. Tap the Download button.
  3. Tap the Set button.
  4. If you lot acquire a prompt virtually setting the manner to System Mode , but tap the OK button.
  5. Your device volition reboot to apply the novel font.


If you lot desire to role a local TrueType (TTF) file , but re-create the TTF file to the /sdcard/ifont/custom directory on your device. Then , create the following:

  1. On the iFont primary enshroud , tap on the Menu button (three-dots at upper-right corner).
  2. Tap on Settings — Change Font Mode. If you’re using a rooted non-Samsung device , choose System Mode. If using a rooted Samsung device , choose Samsung Mode.
  3. Go to the Custom tab inwards the iFont app.
  4. Tap on the font that you’d similar to use.
  5. Tap the Set button.
  6. If prompted to alter the font , tap OK.
  7. If you lot acquire a prompt virtually setting the manner to System Mode , but tap the OK button.
  8. Your device volition either apply the novel font forthwith or reboot to apply the novel font.


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