Download Modernistic Bbm Themes Whatsapp V10.0 Based

Download Mod BBM Themes WhatsApp v10.0 Based – On this occasion the will part to a greater extent than with you lot all, I volition part nearly BBM app earlier you lot download a modern you lot should know outset what is BBM mod, create non install whatever origin-origin, at to the lowest degree nosotros convey a trivial cognition nearly BBM modern End – the halt is a lot nosotros see that part to the populace nearly BBM Mod in addition to create non desire lag Android weblog Sane likewise participated inwards this.

But it was non nevertheless satisfied with the share-share alone but  know what the pregnant of the BBM mod. Well, in that place are in all likelihood alongside guys who create non sympathise or may non understand, What is BBM Mod that ? Before I response I would similar to explicate the pregnant of BBM inwards advance. BBM is an minute messaging application issued past times corporate BlackBerry (RIM). Since venturing into the the world of Android in addition to iOS, the to a greater extent than you lot role this application in addition to then that it appears the i term are you lot looking for that BBM MOD.

Then what is BBM Mod? BBM Mod is the Blackberry Messenger Who has been getting particular handling or the so-called Modified, Modified feel hither that the Official BBM has been modified past times a grouping of people or an private in addition to non of Parties Blackberry. Mod BBM could move said this was illegal because no permission from the BlackBerry. However, many people – people who role them because of the presence of this change volition teach a display BBM which is really interesting in addition to nice.

 app earlier you lot download a modern you lot should know outset what is BBM modern Download Mod BBM Themes WhatsApp v10.0 Based

Features BBM:

  • NO Ads
  • Auto Text inwards Chat
  • Lock Mode
  • Grayscale Display Picture
  • Enable / disable Block Read Status
  • NO Backup gratuitous sticker
  • Set Rounded Corner DP
  • Hide / Show Sponsors
  • Enable / disable Full DP
  • Reload BBM
  • Custom Fonts
  • Move to SD card
  • Auto Rotation
  • Enable / Disable Enter Key

What’s New:

  • Bug fixes Barcode
  • Bug fixes the white business inwards maintab
  • Improved FC (Force Close)

Special Thanks :

  • Trangga Kento Newest Portal.
  • Rikri Rikardo for mini base of operations BBM
  • All members of BBM for ANDROID Indonesia

NOTE : Lite Version alone Enable/Disable Block Read condition , Full Dp , Hide/Show Sponsor in addition to Lock Mode.)

Thank you lot for your visit, hopefully BBM MOD review article that nosotros post service titled Love Story BBM version is beneficial to you lot all, to see inwards the adjacent interesting article. Do non forget to uninstall / take away BBM Mod pre-installed BBM MOD if you lot are NOT CLONE version.


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