Download Elevation X Xposed Modules Of 2017 For Lollipop Too Marshmallow Android Tricks Hub – Android Tricks 2018

Top Xposed Modules are the start Search for every newly rooted Android user. Yeah!! Android Geeks loves to endeavour out dissimilar Best Xposed Modules on their phone.If y’all receive got a Rooted Android as well as thence y’all must receive got to install top Xposed Modules inwards your telephone to savour virtually the android customization .

We receive got listed top 10 xposed modules of 2017 for android lollipop as well as marshmallow . 
To operate these Xposed Modules y’all demand to install xposed framework start . If y’all practice non receive got as well as thence download it from here as well as install it

Top 10 Xposed Modules of 2017 :-

1) Gravity Box 

Gravity Box is on the top of the listing & ane of the best Xposed modules for Android devices . There are thence many awesome tweaks available inwards Gravity Box which includes Lockscreen tweaks , Statusbar tweaks , Navigation bar tweaks , Power tweaks , Display tweaks , Phone tweaks , Media tweaks as well as other thence many cool tweaks. So it is lonely is plenty to encompass thence many cool tweaks on your Rooted Android device. Different android versions receive got dissimilar apks for Gravity Box , thence I am providing links to download Gravity box for all android versions including JellyBean , Lollipop as well as Kitkat.

Gravity Box Features

*. Lockscreen tweaks

*. Display tweaks

*. QuickSettings tile management

*. Launcher tweaks

*. Notification control

*. Smart radio

*. Navigation bar tweaks

*. Expanded desktop amongst semi-immersive as well as immersive modes

*. Dialer tweaks

*. Screen recording

*. CyanogenMod Pie Controls

*. Media tweaks

*. Power tweaks

*. Hardware cardinal actions

*. Status bar tweaks

Download GravityBoxJellybin  |  Kitkat  | Lollipop

2) XuiMod 

XuiMod is simply about other best Xposed module of android , which y’all tin add together awesome Mod inwards stock ROMs. It provides thence many unique features collection of several Custom ROMs. XuiMod is the best module for people who installed stock ROM on their device as well as wants Custom ROM features without Flashing their ROM. And it is non alone plant on Stock ROM , if y’all are on a Custom ROM as well as thence also y’all are able to add together to a greater extent than dissimilar features on your device amongst the assistance of XuiMod module. 

Download XuiModXuiMod

3) Bright Lockscreen 

Bright Lockscreen is the module to blueprint your Lockscreen amongst awesome interface.  This is the best module to access Lockscreen customization cool characteristic of whatever Android mobile. By the assistance of this module non alone y’all are able to nighttime overlay of Lockscreen , fifty-fifty it also makes our Lockscreen to a greater extent than construct clean as well as better. So alter your ugly nighttime overlay of Lockscreen as well as brand novel cool Lockscren amongst the assistance of Bright Lockscreen module. 

DownloadBright LockScreen

4) Flat Style Colored Bars

Flat Style Colored Bar is the best Xposed module of 2017 to blueprint your Status as well as Navigation bars amongst cool colors. Our Android’s default features alone provides Black color inwards our Status & Navigation bars which looks thence ugly , thence nosotros are able to create novel awesome expect of your device past times changing Status & Navigation bars default color into dissimilar colors amongst the assistance of Flat vogue colored bard module. It also provides to a greater extent than thence many features to give dissimilar vogue to our Status as well as Navigation bars. 

DownloadFlat Style Colored Bars

5) XPrivacy 

XPrivacy is thence useful top Xposed module which every Android device must have. It preclude our apps from leaking privacy sensitive data. It is the best Xposed module to secure your all information from leaking past times your apps intalled on your device. For representative , your Contacts as well as device location. If y’all tin restrain access to your contacts as well as place , Xprivacy volition transportation empty contact listing to the apps installed on your device as well as exhibit faux place to applications who needs place to work. So it is the best application to restrain access of your sensitive information from applications. 

Download Xprivacy

6) Greenify 

Greenify makes your device cleaner past times identifying as well as stopping the apps which are running inwards background as well as they are no inwards whatever operate on your device. It closes unnecessary apps which aren’t inwards operate as well as helps inwards saving your device Battery. It receive got automatic Hibernating characteristic which practice plant automatically to brand your Android piece of occupation smoother. First , y’all receive got to install Greenify app from Play shop , as well as subsequently that Tick grade on its Module from Xposed Modules to larn inwards work.


7) Amplify Battery Extender

If your device’s Battery is draining equally good rapidly as well as your are irritated amongst it , this ane is best Xposed Module for your Android. After updating our device to newer Android version similar Lollipop , Marshmallow , out device battery drains out thence quickly. In to a higher position Module , nosotros shared Greenify which also saves your Battery life , but if y’all wants maximum profits for your Battery life , as well as thence I recommend to operate Amplify + Greenify both on your phone. Amplify is the app which takes attention of Wakelocks. Some apps preclude our device to entering into deep slumber as well as that’s why , when nosotros accuse our Android fully as well as larn out it for an hr , what nosotros banking concern check , its Battery is simply 50% remaining. WTF!! Where is 50% battery without using anything? So , Amplify allows us to halt that apps working spell our mobile is inwards deep sleep. You tin download this app from Play store.

Download Amplify Battery Extender

8) Xblast Tools

Xblast tools is the best Xposed Module for Customozation lovers. It allows y’all to alter colours of dissimilar indicators inwards your device. Using this Xposed Module , y’all tin conduct Custom colors for WiFi Signals , Network Signals , Keyboard Backgrounds , Battery , Clock as well as others. You tin brand your Android colourful amongst Xblast module.

DownloadXblast Tools

9) BootManager 

Some apps brand their settings to opened upwards automatically as well as whenever nosotros Restart our device , our Boot takes much fourth dimension because of that type apps. Even they waste matter our Battery ability equally good past times running themselves inwards background. You tin avoid this amongst BootManager. All y’all receive got to practice is , Select the apps which y’all don’t desire to start automatically as well as reboot your device , Done. It quit apps until at that spot is no demand of them , thence it also assistance inwards saving your battery life.


10) Awesome Pop-Up Video

It is ane of the best Xposed module for Marshmallow , Kitkat & Lollipop Android phones. As y’all tin read its refer , it receive got a best characteristic for people who wants to practice multi tasks at same fourth dimension on their devices. It enables y’all to play Video inwards Pop-up window spell y’all are doing whatever other piece of occupation on your phone. It also suggests videos to y’all as well as y’all tin also operate it on YouTube App to scout YouTube videos spell y’all are using whatever other application. For this , y’all receive got to opened upwards Video , click on Share as well as conduct Awesome Pop-up video from the listing as well as done. 

Download Awesome Pop-Up Video

Final Words :

So , receive got y’all checked out to a higher position Top 10 Xposed Modules? If non , what are y’all waiting for , download as well as install these Best Xposed Modules on your Android. You tin run across the changes inwards your telephone subsequently using dissimilar Xposed Frameworks. We receive got shared Top Xposed Modules for Marshmallow , Lollipop & Kitkat devices. And yeah , these are the Top Xposed Modules of 2017.