Break Android Designing Lock Alongside Cmd [Easiest Way] Inwards Simply Few Min. Android Tricks Hub – Android Tricks 2018

Android comes alongside past times default integrated designing lock shroud which plays an of import component subpision to secure from unauthorized somebody beingness accessing your inpidual content. Sometime province of affairs may travel such that yourself has forgotten the designing of lock screen. So right away inquiry comes how to bypass this lock when yous accept no cognition of rooting the system. Here I volition present yous how to bypass designing unlock shroud to larn access of your mobile.


  • Computer must travel develop with ADB (Android SDK). Click Here To Donwload
  • Check whether your Android device settings for “USB Debugging” is enabled or active. Home-Apps-Settings-Developers options-USB debugging-check the box to enable.
  • Install necessary drivers of your vociferation upwardly manner as well as run native USB cable.

Steps yous accept to perform:-

1. Plug-in your device to your PC using your USB cable (works on Windows , Mac as well as Linux). Make certain that yous accept an active designing shroud lock.

2. Open command prompt (CMD) from kickoff menu.

3. Type inward “adb shell” therefore hitting enter.

4. Type “rm /data/system/gesture.key” therefore hitting enter.

5. After completion of procedure , yous postulate to “Reboot” your Android device. Do non unplug the device from machine!

6. After successfully booting upwardly the device , unplug it from machine. Done , right away setup the novel lock pattern.

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