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[Image: Marshmallow-Boot-Animation.jpeg] 

How to Get Android vi Boot Animation on Your Android  (ROOT REQUIRED) ! 

Today nosotros are hither alongside cool android play tricks that is How to Get Android 6.0 Boot Animation on Your Android. Android vi is going to come upwards presently together with the evolution for this cool version of android is started together with at that spot are lots of tweaks that are straight off getting cook for this version of android. Android vi volition come upwards up alongside all novel characteristic that all users volition beloved to have. And inward this post service nosotros are going to hash out a agency to bring kick animation of Android 6(Marshmallow) inward your android now. Follow upwards the consummate guide below to proceed.

How to Get Android vi Boot Animation on Your Android

In this tutorial yous volition live on using a custom kick animation for your android device that volition supervene upon alongside your stock kick animation of your android device. And yous volition larn latest kick animation of android v6.0. So follow upwards the steps below to proceed.

Steps To Get Android 6.0 Boot Animation on Your Android

  1. First of all yous demand download Marshmallow Boot Animation file inward your android device.
  2. Now download together with install the cool file explorer that is  ES File Explorer inward your android device , this is i of the best explorer where yous tin explore arrangement files too.
  3. Now locate the goose egg file of kick animation that yous bring downloaded inward your ES file explorer.[Image: a1.jpg]
  4. Now long tap on the goose egg file together with re-create it.
  5. Now tap on the directory path together with select device and yous volition caput towards the rootage folder of your device.[Image: a3.jpeg]
  6. There cash inward one’s chips to folder System -> Media together with at that spot rename the stock file yesteryear adding .bak[Image: c.jpeg]
  7. After that volition become this is to backup your electrical current kick animation.
  8. Now glue at that spot your Marshmallow kick animation goose egg file that yous had copied.[Image: d.png]
  9. Now reboot your android device later this.
  10. Thats it yous are done , straight off yous bring successfully installed latest android kick hide on your android.

So inward a higher identify guide is all about How to Get Android vi Boot Animation on Your Android. With this method yous tin easily larn latest android 6.0 (Marshmallow) kick animation inward your android device. And tin bask latest cool animation that your piece of cake stock animation. Hope yous similar this , create part it alongside others too. Leave a comment if yous bring whatsoever related queries alongside this.