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When social media giant Facebook purchased everyone’s favorite mobile messenger “Whatsapp ,” users were promised their information would locomote somebody as well as that they wouldn’t locomote patch of written report to the shady things that Mark Zuckerberg as well as crew are known for. That hope is all but gone , leaving many of us seeking alternatives.

As fourth dimension has gone on , to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than privacy has been taken away from Whatsapp users inward the call of “analytical data.” Gone are the days when you lot could trust this app to locomote totally somebody as well as non await to instruct information mined for valuable information – information that could easily locomote sold to advertisers.

Pretty bleak , right? So let’s lighten the mood past times presenting you lot amongst a bunch of Whatsapp alternatives that aren’t made of broken promises as well as infant tears. Here are our function past times 10 picks.

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With end-to-end encryption as well as a no-nonsense interface , Wire is making some waves on the secure messaging scene. Made past times Skype co-founder Janus Friis , Wire has some heavyweight blueprint nous behind it.

You take to furnish your your mobile disclose or e-mail to role the app , though these aren’t shared amongst other users , who you lot tin sack communicate amongst via a username. Timed messages are also an alternative , letting you lot self-destruct them betwixt 5 seconds as well as 1 twenty-four hours subsequently you lot shipping them.

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KIK has developed a combat of a salacious reputation over the years equally an app used for sexting , drug dealing as well as all way of underhanded tomfoolery (as good equally measure messaging , of course). If nada else , that’s will to 1 thing: it’s pretty darn private.

This gratis app doesn’t shop your telephone disclose , as well as so you’re identifiable only past times your username , as well as all messaging information is stored locally on your telephone , leaving your privacy inward your hands. KIK is so virtually unmoderated as well as perfect for the privacy-conscious.



The biggest WhatsApp challenger you lot in all likelihood haven’t heard of , LINE is a Japanese-developed app that offers a powerful characteristic laid , conference calls , thousands of stickers , as well as a build clean , customizable interface. It uses less information than WhatsApp during calls as well as end-to-end encryption.

While sure enough features require LINE to access your contacts listing , place as well as and so on , all of this is optional , as well as whatever information you lot shipping is encrypted on LINE’s servers. You tin sack also laid self-destruct timers to delete messages from LINE’s servers.



In in all likelihood the best endorsement of a privacy-oriented messaging app , Wickr Me is plainly used past times journalists , Earth leaders as well as other sorts who desire to conk on their somebody concern private. (No names were specified , hear you lot , but that’s variety of the betoken , right?)

Like WhatsApp , Wickr Me uses your telephone disclose to log inward as well as contains all way of featherbrained as well as fun features similar stickers as well as emojis. But that’s where the similarities end. Wickr doesn’t shop your contacts on its servers , doesn’t conk on metadata , as well as deletes messages irretrievably from your telephone when you lot inquire it to.

It’s gratis , doesn’t involve ads , as well as encrypts your information to high heaven. Good stuff.



Telegram is maybe the most worthy alternative to Whatsapp. For starters , it essentially has comparable features similar phonation as well as video messages , a telephone number-based login organization , stickers , emojis , chat bots , groups , channels as well as and so much more. Along amongst those cool features , Telegram isn’t only a mobile app.

That’s correct , you lot tin sack role Telegram on Windows , Mac as well as fifty-fifty Linux amongst their desktop app. Alternatively , Telegram has a spider web chat application for all your messaging needs. Best of all , Telegram supports end-to-end encryption and respects your privacy.



Have you lot e’er wanted to host your ain “Whatsapp” service? With Kontalk , this is possible. This app is an opened upwards XMPP-based alternative to Whatsapp that you lot tin sack conk on exclusively on your ain server. This way you lot as well as only you lot volition locomote inward accuse of the chat betwixt you lot as well as your friends as well as menage unit of measurement , making it the ultimate at respecting your privacy.

Kontalk has an app inward the Google Play shop equally good equally the F-Droid app shop as well as a desktop client. If you’re looking for a solution that you lot tin sack brand exclusively your ain , this is the best choice.

AvailabilityiOS (as Antidote)Android


Antox is a robust as well as privacy-respecting messenger application. It supports all of the measure chat features you’d expect. Antox (Antidote on iOS) , different a lot of the items on this listing , isn’t nailed downward to 1 unmarried app. That’s because it has many officially “blessed” apps for Android , iOS , Linux , Windows , macOS as well as fifty-fifty FreeBSD.

This ultimately is a messaging protocol , as well as a secure 1 at that. It’s nether heavy development. Ultimately , Tox is really stable , although you lot should await bugs in 1 trial inward a while. If you’re looking to oust Whatsapp from your life , don’t hear the gamble of using a beta , as well as desire a combat of persity , instruct amongst this app.



Signal is an app for Android , iPhone , macOS , Windows , Linux , as well as Chrome that is designed roughly a similar regulation to Telegram. Private communication is based on your telephone disclose , as well as they hope you’ll avoid SMS as well as MMS fees , equally your disclose is only used equally an ID as well as non the betoken of transmission.

As Signal is pretty much a to a greater extent than open-sourced Telegram clone , you’ll run into comparable features to that service. If you’ve used Telegram as well as desire something to a greater extent than opened upwards , you lot should give this 1 a shot. Regardless of its “clone” condition , it’s a worthy alternative to Whatsapp.



Threema is a mobile chat platform that puts your privacy first. Like another apps on this listing , it supports end-to-end encryption of text , images as well as your GPS location. It also synchronizes amongst your contacts , making it super slow to notice people who are joining the service automatically.

The developers as well as owners of the service claim that “even nosotros equally the server operator receive got absolutely no way to read your messages ,” as well as so you lot know everything you lot state is protected as well as locked away from large companies as well as governments mining your data.

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KakaoTalk is a chat application for Android , iOS , Blackberry , Windows Phone , Windows as well as macOS designed to allow the Earth chat on a one-on-one Earth or amongst groups inward mind. Like most modern chat applications , this app supports the sending of multimedia (pictures , videos , etc.).

The service mightiness non locomote equally good known equally some of the others on this listing , but don’t allow that plough you lot off. It’s a well-designed programme as well as is close equally prolific equally it gets. If you’ve tried everything on this listing already as well as haven’t constitute what you lot desire , maybe you lot should give kakaoTalk a go.

Whatsapp used to locomote a skilful app , as well as past times most standards , it nevertheless is. Facebook has beefed it upwards amongst features as well as made it incredibly competitive. However , seeing equally how this platform is footling to a greater extent than than a data-farm for advertisements , people should seriously consider switching to 1 of the apps on this list.

Each alternative to Whatsapp listed hither has its ain strengths equally good equally weaknesses. However , 1 affair they all receive got inward mutual is that they’re miles removed from whatever variety of Facebook control.